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Mail as your PC's default email application, Yahoo! Mail will open when you click an email link in any browser. I took my computers to my local Technician and after 3 hrs he could not make it work either. If Yahoo mail is the default on the laptop why can't I make it work on the desktop?

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Happy Lunar New Year! Check out our Year of the Pig stationery in Mail -- it'll make you squeal with joy. 🐷🎉 Yahoo India Get latest news, email, live cricket scores and fresh finance, lifestyle, entertainment content daily. Yahoo Extension Gallery Page Yahoo Mail Ad Remover Remove the ad on the right and get an expanded view of your inbox by making Yahoo your default search engine. How to Add Your Gmail Account to Yahoo Mail - Yahoo wants to be the central hub for all of your email, including its rival, Gmail. Here’s a look at how to set up your Gmail account in Yahoo Mail.

SOLVED: How do I make yahoo my mail default - Fixya Click on the current tab on the browser and click alt to go to settings and click make home page. How can I make Yahoo Mail open in Google Chrome? But when I go to my Yahoo Mail and pull my mail up, it opens with Internet Explorer. I want it to open under Google Chrome. How do I do this. To make Google Chrome your default browser, open it and click on the wrench icon in the top right, then click on > Options in the list. How do you make a Yahoo Mail

Your Yahoo! Mail account allows you to create a second email address for free. You can also use the new account to log into Yahoo! services, and you can easily select which one you want to use when sending a new message. How do I make Yahoo mail my default mail? - Microsoft Community I would like to make my Yahoo account my default mail; when I click on an email address, (answering a Craigslist ad, for example) I would like my Yahoo mail to open up rather than my Windows mail, which is what happens. Not sure how to go about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. how do i make yahoo mail my default mail Just download the latest yahoo toolbar, make sure you put a checkmark in to make yahoo the default mail, then once it is installed, just uninstall the toolbar in add/remove...there you go...all done. I don't believe in ANY toolbars on my PC. The browsers have enough protection, etc without that hinderance... SOLVED: How do I make yahoo my mail default - Fixya